Voisins X Ocean Culture Life pop-up shop

We are excited to announce that between the 23rd August until the 4th of September, we have collaborated with Matt Porteus and the Ocean Culture team to feature sustainable products including hoodies, water bottles and a selection of framed prints for sale – all focussed on bringing attention to the need to protect our oceans.

Stop by our sustainable pop-up shop located on the ground floor (next to the Jo Malone London boutique).

Ocean Culture Life Launch Event

Please join us in marking this very special evening with the launch of the new collection of ocean inspired clothing which helps to give a voice to the ocean.

We’ll be showcasing the new clothing range alongside a photography exhibition presented by founders Matt Porteous and Tamsin Raine.



Here at OCL we recognise that it is through stories that we learn, inspire and make waves of change in allowing people to see global truths, under the spotlight. They can teach us empathy and take us on new journeys.

And it is through the power of storytelling that we have learnt the peril of our oceans, the life support of our planet.

Across the world, our community of storytellers dedicate their lives to raising awareness around the threats our oceans face in order to encourage support, recognition and ultimately action.

By investing in one of our products, you are investing in our community of creators and change makers on their mission to protect the oceans and broadcast the importance of ocean guardianship to the world.

When you choose a garment, print or trip, you are directly supporting ocean conservation stories around the world.

One hundred percent of proceeds will support our community of Ocean Storytellers and Ocean Guardians.

Art with a conscious, a purpose, a voice.

Because the ocean needs storytellers, and we need you.

WHEN: Wednesday 25th August, 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: Voisins Department Store