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Apply for a credit account at Voisins

From a wardrobe refresh to a home makeover, buy now and pay later with a Voisins Options account?

Simply fill in an application form below.

Who can apply?


You must be aged 20 years old or more


You must be a Jersey Resident




All account applications will be subject to a Credit Reference check.

We will determine and notify you of your credit limit at the time of opening and from time to time.

You must complete the Direct Debit Mandate to open an account.

Direct Debit payments are collected on or after 28th of each month (date cannot be altered).

Choose between the whole balance or the minimum sum due (10% of the outstanding balance).

Interest is charged monthly at 1% (APR of 12%).


Statements are issued on 1st working day of the month detailing your transactions from the previous month and you must repay the greater of the following options by the last Friday of the current month

£20 if your balance is under £200 – or 10% of the outstanding balance if over £200

If you repay the full balance of your statement by the last Friday of the following month you will not be charged interest.


Purchase made in April will be detailed on statement dated 1st May.

Direct debit to clear the full balance collected on 28th May.

No interest due.


If you do not repay the balance in full, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance, as detailed in this example:

Purchase of £200 made in April will be detailed on statement dated 1st

Direct debit for minimum (£20) collected on 28th

Statement issued 1st June has a balance of £181.80 (£180 + interest of £1.80)

You can also make additional payments if you wish, by cash, cheque, Debit/Credit card or Gift cards at any of our tills – or by post.  Credit/Debit card payments can also be made by calling 837100 and select option 1

Subject to any legal limitation, all amounts due under this agreement will be payable in full should you breach this agreement

You will find the full Conditions of use on the application form