Tresophie or three Sophias, derived from the ancient Greek term for a personification of wisdom, three types of women, three different interpretations of the dress. But also Très Ophie, an ironic and mischievous term of endearment coined to identify a symbol of femininity, an ideal princess, a key player in the magical ritual of getting dressed. Tresophie is the new contemporary brand and start-up from the Max Mara group that focuses on elegant dresses in different styles and for a variety of occasions, from ceremonies to events, from parties to that special date. The dress is a symbol of femininity, romanticism and mischievousness: these are the values that identify the brand’s debut collection, including dresses, tops, skirts and jumpsuits.

In Spring-Summer 2017, these stars are three modern princesses. The romantic and mischievous Charlotte, representing a bohemian chic style of fluid georgette dresses that caress the body, decorated with flirty ruffles and tulle veils with multicoloured embroidery. The super glamorous Beatrice, an extrovert dreamer, dressed in sculptural duchess silk in nude pastel tones or aquamarine for daytime and deep black for the evening. And Kate, a tasteful and classic woman who interprets a down-to-earth kind of femininity. Her wardrobe contains macramé-effect organza dresses or tulle cocktail dresses with 3D embroidery in rosy beige, bright red and midnight blue tones.

Available in #voisinsfashion womenwear department, upstairs in Voisins. View floor plan.

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Available in Women's Contemporary Collections


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