Spikes & Sparrow

Spikes & Sparrow

Spikes & Sparrow is a Dutch brand that has a widespread reputation for its women's, men's and business bags. Meanwhile Spikes & Sparrow is available in 25 countries including the United States, Russia and Scandinavia. This international success stems from our belief that a bag is not a disposable product, but sympathizes with you as a good friend.

We design strong all-time favorites that just become better while using them. This is why quality is of great importance and therefore any Spikes & Sparrow bag is made of high quality leather and haberdashery. This quality is also reflected in the design: sturdy, functional, wearable and timeless.

All Spikes & Sparrow bags have a special and highly recognizable vintage look, thanks to special in-house developed tanning-processes. Users of Spikes & Sparrow are connected worldwide.

Available in Menswear


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