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Anti Allergy 4.5 Tog Duvet
Special Offer
The Fine Bedding Company Anti Allergy 4.5 Tog Duvet
Encased in a comforting peachskin cover, this duvet is filled with soft, Smartfil microfibres combined with an anti-fungal, anti dustmite barrier; Health Guard. Creating a reassuring sleeping environment and ensuring a great night's sleep for allergy sufferers.
RRP £70.00
£21.00 inc GST

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Breathe Duvet
The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet
Breathe FS (Four Seasons) is suitable all year round. Exceptionally breathable, luxurious duvet that is filled with a unique blend of advanced Smartfil® fibres and moisture - wicking modal to help regulate body temperature to its optimum throughout the night.
RRP From £50.00
from £45.00 inc GST