Vote for your Pennies charities in 2019

Vote for your Pennies charities in 2019

Since the launch of Pennies in Voisins in 2016, you have raised over £41,617 for local charities.


The following charities have applied to become beneficiaries of the Pennies fundraising initiative in 2019.


Please click here to vote for the charities you would like to support this year.


Voting closes on the 29th March and the top four choices will be the 2019 charities.


Please scroll down for more information about each charity.



Jersey Hospice Care

Jersey Hospice Care is the island's Hospice; all of our services are available to anyone with a life limiting condition and provided at no cost to the patient or their family.

The charity first began with a home care service in 1982. The work done in the community is still central to what is offered today and the Specialist Palliative Care team are on call all day, every day, 365 days a year.

We offer day care facilities three days a week and have twelve bedrooms on the In-Patient Unit for people needing more intensive care. We also offer physiotherapy, lymphoedema and complementary therapies.

In addition, confidential emotional support is available to islanders of all ages through the Community Bereavement Service, regardless of the nature of bereavement and how long ago it happened.

We recognise and respect that each person is unique and aim to improve the quality of life for patients, and their families, according to their own personal needs.


Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (JSPCA)

The JSPCA Animals Shelter is one of Jerseys oldest charities and in May 2018 we celebrated our 150th Anniversary. We are a non-profit organisation and do not receive any States funding. We rely completely on donations and fundraising events. 


Over the years we have seen an enormous increase in domestic pets and wildlife needing our help and now we urgently need your support. 


We simply could not and would not exist without the generosity of you, our amazing supporters. 


Without your continued generosity and support as a community, we would be unable to care for, treat and find homes for animals in Jersey. 


As the JSPCA has its own on-site Veterinary Surgery, all the animals receive the veterinary treatment they require immediately. Your support ensures that this level of care can continue, and that the animals arriving at the shelter receive the best possible care until loving new homes are found. 

The JSPCA Animals' Shelter provides a range of services relating to animal care and welfare, offering help and advice for all members of the public. These services include:


  •        Cruelty/Welfare Investigations
  •        Education
  •        Ambulance Service
  •        Lost and Found Service
  •        Re-homing
  •        Boarding
  •        Animal Crematorium

Healing Waves

Healing Waves was the literal ‘brain wave’ by friends, surfers and support workers in Jersey Channel Islands.  After receiving numerous requests from service users dreaming of catching their first wave, it was decided to provide them with this opportunity within their support.


Healing Waves enables individuals despite their condition and/or disability both neurological and physical to access the ocean in a safe way to participate in water sport activities. This is so they can experience the therapeutic benefits that the ocean holds for us all.


We offer Ocean Therapy through guided surf, paddle and flow sessions. These water sports are used as a vessel, assisting our athletes in gaining more self-confidence, communication, whilst providing therapy and respite for all that attend.  Water sports can stimulate the ‘stoke’ like feeling, a sense of accomplishment and empowerment to our athletes as families, friends and carers cheer them on from the side lines.  We do accept loved ones and carers to participate in sessions, helping to strengthen the often strained bonds that are vital to healthy relationships.


Our aim is to enable individuals despite whatever disability, condition and/or mental health they are living with to participate in a few hours of water sports. Providing each of them the opportunity to have their own unique and valuable experience. From our experiences, being in, under, on, or around the water leaves you calmer with a more focused mind-set, it can give your mind a break from the usual busyness and over stimulation of life and we truly believe it can do the same for any of the athletes who give our service a try.


Healing Waves hopes that by offering such a service each athlete that attends will leave feeling more empowered, relaxed and confident in their own abilities transferring this into their everyday lives.

Littlefeet Environmental 

To promote coastal and marine conservation on the Island of Jersey through weekly shoreline cleanups, educational and public seminars and collaboration with other conservation charities/organizations in Jersey. 


Through shoreline cleanups we are able to collect data on the state of coastal pollution, strandings, skate and ray populations through egg case collection and educate the public on the importance of coastal protection both for the benefits of our Island but also on a global scale.

After Breast Cancer Support Group

The After Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC) was formed in 1999 by ordinary women who themselves have experienced breast cancer.

If you are at any stage of breast cancer and would like to meet women with experiences similar to your own then please contact us. We meet on the last Wednesday of the month except December. 

Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held at The Oasis, Suite 2.13, The Lido Medical Centre, St. Saviours Road. JE2 7LA. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings, which start at 8pm and last for an hour or so.

Macmillan Jersey Prostate Cancer Support Group

Macmillan Jersey’s Prostate Cancer Support Group holds monthly meetings to support anyone affected by prostate cancer, including patients, family and friends. The meetings provide an opportunity for people to comfortably exchange views on matters of common concern.  At some meetings there are talks on relevant topics.


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at The Oasis at the Lido Medical Centre, St Saviour’s Road, St Saviour between 5.30pm-7pm. For more information about the group, please call 498188 (option 1).



Mind Jersey

Mind Jersey is an independent local charity that provides support to people living with mental illness.  Our vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all, and that treats people with experience of mental illness fairly, positively and with respect.


Although affiliated with Mind in the UK, Mind Jersey retains its independence, both financially and operationally.  All money raised by Mind Jersey stays in Jersey for the benefit of Island residents.  


Our affiliation ensures that we meet Mind’s quality standards of governance and service delivery, follow best practice models of involving local people in their community – people who have had experience of mental illness – and provide good quality services. This can only be a good thing, demonstrating that we are a serious organisation that works professionally, has a stable management structure and well supported and appropriately trained and skilled staff.



BeachAbility provides manual, ballooned wheel chairs available for use on the beach for anyone that needs help with their mobility.

Chair users need to be accompanied by an adult Helper who will offer assistance with transfers and will push the chair.

BeachAbility is an eco-friendly and fun way to enjoy Jersey
’sbeautiful beaches.



EYECAN is Jersey’s only charity focused solely on supporting Islanders with sight impairment. We work closely with all age groups, from infants through to the elderly, enabling people and their families to benefit from social events, activities and tailored support.

It is a partnership approach that ensures those affected by sight impairment are empowered to attain or retain independent living and achieve inclusion in the workplace and society.

Services we offer include advice and support, mobility, rehabilitation, IT training, advocacy, daily living advice, children’s events, activities, day centre, support group and more.



Jersey Marine Conservation 

To promote the need for Conservation strategies, in order to preserve the Islands importance as a unique and key Marine Environment. On a voluntary basis the groups' divers carry out the monitoring of underwater species and habitats full-filling the requirements needed to safe-guard the long-term future of the islands community. Approved methods for recording Biotopes are applied, ensuring all evidence withstands detailed political scrutiny. 


The groups work has been instrumental in the setting up of protection zones, sustainable fishing practises and halting the wholesale destruction of seabed communities. The UK Marine Conservation Society supports and oversees the groups operating framework and project implementation

Educating the community is a key aim and the group continue to develop learning programmes for schools and community groups based on our findings. Through our Workshops and media resources, we are hoping to help the Islands population learn proactively about how to safeguard species in the Channel Island waters. We believe Education rather than legislation is the way forward, in preserving the Islands future as a healthy place to live.

Our monitoring programme seeks to provide students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with the knowledge and methods to identify and record indicators of migration, marine population changes and the impact of the diverse environmental effects.




Brightly (formerly known as Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity) is a small, independent Jersey charity. Incorporated by Acte of the States of Jersey, that provides support to children and young people living in care, leaving care, or who are experiencing adversity.  

All money raised by Brightly either stays in Jersey for the benefit of Island residents or can be applied in cases where local children and young people have to be cared for off-island.

Brightly awards grants to children and young people from birth to 25 years who are being looked after in States care or are leaving care, as well as others who are suffering adversity and are in need. Our support is intended to create positive experiences and opportunities for children and young people with the aim of helping individuals move towards independence.

Our vision is for all care experienced children and young people living in Jersey to realise their full potential regardless of ability or background.

Our support makes a real difference to the life experiences of children and young people who are in need. There are also less obvious but equally important benefits that result from our work, such as greater social inclusion, financial independence, personal growth and development and less reliance on benefit systems.

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is a charity that supports parents, carers, children and young people in Jersey. We provide a number of free programmes and services to help support the parents and carers we meet. Parents and carers come to us for a variety of reasons and from across the social system. All have different backgrounds, experiences, family and financial situations and many suffer from poverty, isolation, physical illness and low self-esteem. 

We work alongside the main carer to support child development, parent/carer-child relationships and family health and wellbeing to improve family and home environments and increase life chances and opportunities.


We offer a range of personal development, educational and second chance learning programmes, group sessions, one-to-one emotional support, information, advice and practical help in order to help parents and carers with self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.


Brighter Futures is based at The Bridge – a multi-service provision for families and young people. Clients are referred to us from various sources including schools, GPs, health visitors, social workers and CAMHS or people can self-refer. We work with other agencies and in partnership with Parenting Support Services to encourage people to make a difference to their future through the choices they make for themselves and their families.



Jersey Christmas Appeal 


Christmas is a time for giving, celebration and indulgence. However for some Jersey families and elderly people it is a massive struggle, with not enough money to put a turkey on the Christmas table or to pay the bills, let alone buy presents for their children and grandchildren. These are the people who can benefit from the Jersey Christmas Appeal, and this is why the Appeal is so important.


The Appeal helps a wide variety of people at Christmas. Here are some real life examples.


The neglected child
A grandmother is legally responsible for a young child who has been neglected. Her husband is on a zero hours contract and always runs short of work around Christmas. A Jersey Christmas Appeal voucher is her only means of buying her grandson a toy at Christmas.


The single-parent home

Dad has left home, leaving Mum to look after the children. She goes out to work but only just manages to make ends meet. Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers are a godsend and really brighten up their Christmas.



Many pensioners live alone and struggle to make ends meet. Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers bring financial relief, and the fact that somebody cares lifts their spirits at Christmas.


Low-income homes

"We know many people who need Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers to be able to buy their Christmas lunch." - Citizens' Advice Bureau 



Friends of Mont a L'Abbe School


To raise extra funding for the pupils of Mont a l'abbe School. To provide an opportunity for staff, parents, pupils and friends to socialise. Our aim as a charity is to provide the special needs children of the school with the extra resources and treats they deserve. 

14th February 2019

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