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SINCE 1994

This season sees AllSaints turn 25. To highlight this occasion the brand presents a collection and campaign, entitled ‘Since 1994’, that celebrate the time, place, style and attitude from which the brand emerged – 1990s London.


“AllSaints formed at a time when British alternative culture suddenly found itself in the spotlight. Underground figures from music, film and fashion were hijacking mainstream culture, subsequently being embraced by the establishment, and invited into 10 Downing Street to share their outsider views on society, while generally misbehaving.


I wanted to reconsider this heady era while celebrating AllSaints’ 25-year anniversary. Our brand story has its roots in 1990s London and has since gone on to become a global platform, connecting with like-minded individuals across the world. We’re always moving forwards, imagining new realities, and expressing the future. But the attitude and aesthetics of where and when we come from never leave.”



The ‘Since 1994’ collection reimagines 1990s London style for the modern wardrobe. Womenswear exudes sporty-meets-bohemian vibes, where chunky knits are worn with striped track-pants, or shiny leather mini-skirts with oversized buttons. Flowing print dresses are toughened-up with bikers or stone- washed shearling jackets. And stripes and checks collide with zebra print, tweed and mohair. For Menswear, references merge, are remixed and layered upon one another to create the hybrid M65-bomber jacket, belted macs, puffas, leathers, checked and printed-motif scarves and denim.

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