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The first 10 in 1 cocktail multi-tool is perfect for mixing drinks in your home, at a friends house or just about anywhere. It is portable, easily cleaned and beautifully presented. Packaging and product are engineered to an extremely high quality and make this the ideal gift. Tools Included – Muddler Reamer Double sided jigger Stirrer Knife Bottle Opener Zester Channel...
£27.00 inc GST

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Quench the Unwined 4-in-1 wine tool
Root 7 Quench the Unwined 4-in-1 wine tool
The latest offering from Quench the Unwind is a 4-in-1 wine tool that comes with all the gadgets you need to open, pour and preserve your favourite bottles of wine. Along with the single-motion corkscrew you also get a foil cuter for removing that pesky foil, a aerator pour which will aerate your wine improving the flavours and aromas as you pour and a stopper to keep your wine fresh ready for when...
£18.00 inc GST

Root 7 Corkcicle
The coolest wide-spectrum offering from Corkcicle, Corkcicle Colour maintains your wines at the perfect temperatures from the inside out by keeping chilled whites chilled and cooling down reds. It’s simply the most colorful way to enjoy perfectly chilled wine, every time. The Corkcicle Colour is available in 4 fantastic pop-influenced colours. With the choice of Blue, Green, Pink and Orange the...
£18.75 inc GST
Cocktail Master - Margarita MasterCocktail Master - Margarita Master
Root 7 Cocktail Master - Margarita Master
Each Cocktail Master has a jigger, knife and strainer. The Margarita Master features a salt rimmer and reamer. Apparently margaritas are America’ favourite cocktail, if you agree with the Americans and you fancy making a few margaritas at home then we’re here to help with the Margarita Master. Use the Margarita Master’s jigger to measure out 1 shot of Tequila and Cointreau and add to a cocktail...
£13.50 inc GST

Cocktail Master - Martini MasterCocktail Master - Martini Master
Root 7 Cocktail Master - Martini Master
Each Cocktail Master has a jigger, knife and strainer. The Martini Master features a channel knife/zester and reamer. Whether you like your Martinis shaken or stirred, mastering making the secret service’s most popular cocktail is now super easy. Use the Martini Master’s jigger to measure two shots of Gin and one of vermouth, add into your cocktail spinner (yes, we disagree with your cocktail...
£13.50 inc GST
Cocktail Master - Mojito MasterCocktail Master - Mojito Master
Root 7 Cocktail Master - Mojito Master
Each Cocktail Master has a jigger, knife and strainer. The Mojito Master features a mint cutter and muddler. If you’re looking for a taste of Cuba then the Mojito master is the tool for you. With the use of the Mojito master making Cuba’s most iconic drink is simple and fun. Use the mint cutter to break up your bunch of mint, mix it with sugar in a tall glass and use the muddler to combine the...
£13.50 inc GST

Vinturi Reserve wine aerator with CarafeVinturi Reserve wine aerator with Carafe
Root 7 Vinturi Reserve wine aerator with Carafe
Vinturi are the gold-standard for wine aeration products and have raised the bar with the Vinturi Reserve. The Vinturi Reserve and Carafe set allows you to aerate a whole bottle of wine instantly into a beautiful German made carafe. Aeration improves flavours and bouquet of wine, enhancing the overall enjoyment and experience. The aerator is molded from solid acrylic meaning it looks elegant and...
£63.00 inc GST
The Whiskey Wedge is the clever way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favourite spirits. Designed to melt much slower than smaller ice cubes, Whisky Wedge helps retain your drinks full flavour.How it works:1. Place silicon from over top of the tumbler.2. Fill glass with water through the fill hole on top of the silicon form. Fill up to the marked Fill Line and be careful not to overfill3....
£16.00 inc GST

The Chillsner beer chiller will keep your beer at the perfect temperature.Chillsner is the Worlds first in-bottle beer cooler. The aluminum rod in the Chillsner is filled with the same proprietary thermal gel found in the Corkcicle. Store it in the freezer and when its frozen, pop the top off of a bottle of beer, and insert the Chillsner. The beer will then stay cold while you drink.This must have...
£15.25 inc GST